Reasons to trade with Africa Aquatics Export for you ornamental fish.


The expectation of every ornamental fish trader is to receive their orders in perfect condition.Collected organisms that die or are rejected before a point of sale often go unreported.The industry is experiencing one major problem called “poor delivery,” one of the factors considered here is the quality of the fish that arrives from the exporter. Ornamental fish trade has evolved into a pivotal concern for both biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. The industry is afflicted with global rejections in aquatic trades, spurred by anthropogenic stressors. Over-sized and undersized fish are a cause of rejection for ornamental fish, given the high demand for some species, fishers may be tempted to collect potentially undersized fish in an attempt to fill orders and increase economic returns. The rejection of poorly delivered fish is inevitable. Where quality control falters, export of low quality fish can have negative repercussions for all operations in the trade. At Africa Aquatics Export we pay full attention to every order taking into account every factor concerning the expected delivery.


Most ornamental fish on arrival at a point of sale usually have detectable damages mostly to the fins. Such damage likely arises from collection where abrasion from netting material damages the soft tissue of the fins or through handling/aggression from co-habiting fish after capture. We ensure our  fishers use appropriately sized netting for collection and isolating aggressive fish during holding to reduce the frequency of fin damage rejections.


Many traders don’t have a quarantine tanks because of the perceived burden of maintenance and expense of the quarantine tank. Every time we introduce new aquatic life to our aquarium, there is always the potential of also introducing unwanted parasites or disease-causing organisms. In addition, aquatic life stressed from transport and relocation are more susceptible to succumbing to any parasites or disease-causing organisms present in the new environment. Therefore, we always quarantine our fish to ensure they are safe from any diseases upon arrival.


Shipping via the airlines requires proper communication with the airline involved days before the transit so that you can know the exact arrival time of the shipment. We always alias with the airline agents and get an appropriate time to avoid overnight transits, this is majorly to avoid crowding and mishandling of the boxes.


Fundamentally the DOA policy is what would make your exporter a reliable source or not. The industry is marred with irrelevant credit note policies with little trust. At African Aquatics Export our policy is straight forward and customer defensive. At the end of the it all, we value the business relationships so as to ensure the commitment of good trade.

Despite the industry being competitive and wide,sometimes competition and number never really matter. Quality assurance is key necessity to all parties involved. At Africa Aquatics Export,it is our commitment to provide the best experience to our clients.


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