The Indian Ocean currents along the East Africa coast line are now low and this is good news to the fishing industry. The two monsoon seasons experienced along the Kenyan Coast are: The Kaskazi (Northeast monsoon – NEM) and The Kusi (Southeast monsoon – SEM.) Kaskazi – NEM runs from November to March and the Kusi – SEM runs from May to Sept . In between the NEM and SEM there is one to two months of transition period characterized by variable and lower winds locally referred to as matlai.

The good news about this season is the availability of most rare marine fish species e.g The Yellow doctor fish

Acanthurus coeruleus and the favorable market prices. Africa Aquatics Export is at pace with the season to add into our store your favorite marine ornaments get in torch with us for more. Contact us here: [wpforms id=”2400″ title=”true”]

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