A little about us fish-heads

Diligently stocking the aquarium world

In 2008, a team of fish-heads came together to establish Africa Aquatic Exports. Armed with years of experience in the live fish export industry and great connections within the fisheries authority, airlines and cargo handlers they set up to establish an export company that applies sustainable collection and operates with competent staff powering several hundred suppliers of marine livestock and serving the aquarium world efficiently.

Above Expectation

We go an extra mile to ensure our customers experience utmost satisfaction. Expect nothing but the best Ornamental livestock & service.


With over 500km coastline available to us, we are committed to not over-fish and afford the ocean ample restoration. Our sustainable collection methods give you high quality, healthy livestock.


Our professional team, well trained with years of experience in the export of aquarium livestock listens, cares and is committed to excellent delivery.

Take a peek inside our wonderland


We supply a  great variety of live ornamental marine species to the aquarium trade globally. Our livestock is 100% hand-net collected with no chemicals used during collection. Africa Aquatic Exports guarantees you many years of a beautiful aquarium with our livestock.

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Order from us and join in on  the list of our importers who enjoy high quality, healthy fish.