Packaging and Transportation of Live Fish


Ornamental fishes destined for marketing, both domestic and export have to use modern post  harvest technology or modifications of the current post harvest technology to improve the post harvest survival and post shipment survival that is critical to the industry. It is in this context that the significance of packing and transport come into picture. To overcome the problem of high mortality of fish species at their different stage during transportation, it becomes essential to evaluate the most suitable and ideal condition for transportation. At present the mortality rate during fish catching, collection,transportation are very high. The claim by the importers due to DOA (Death On Arrival) from the developing countries is on the high this is due to the lack of the use of appropriate technology for fish packing and transportation/shipment. Similarly, since the airfreight charges are very high, the exporters have no idea of the optimum number of a particular live fish to be packed in a container to reduce transportation cost.


Transportation of live fish is becoming an important activity of the fish industry. The success for all of which depends on effective packaging techniques and careful handling practices prior to and during shipment with minimum mortality.
The success of transportation depends on:
Careful handling practices right from harvesting /quality assurance
Conditioning for a period of time before packing.
Effective packaging techniques.
Stocking density.
Maintenance of low temperature and high humidity during storage and transit.
Minimum mortality.
Replenishment of air with oxygen and reduction in accumulation of toxic wastes
and controlling acidity of water medium with suitable buffers.
To reduce the metabolic activity and thus their oxygen consumption.
Conditioning the fish to the environment prior to transportation/shipment.
Lower temperature of water.
Addition of permissible and correct dosage of anesthetics.
source: research gate
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